Ariel Friedlander is an artist and art historian studying at University of Michigan. Her arts background includes photography, jewelry design, illustration, and ceramics. Her work has been exhibited at the University of Michigan League and the Pittman-Puckett Gallery at Affirmations LGBT Center. On Etsy she sells a variety of acrylic jewelry designed for femmes and drag queens. She also performs under the drag persona Daya Bee-Dee. (And yes she is a real life diabetic!) Outside of her studies and artistic endeavours, Ariel is also a political organizer. She has organized actions with ACT UP NYC, IfNotNow, and Take Back The Night Ann Arbor.

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Daya Bee-Dee





DRAG by Daya Bee-Dee

Ariel Friedlander has lived with type one diabetes for nearly her entire life. But rather than focus purely on the negative surrounding her invisible illness, she saw the opportunity to spread education and empowerment through her art, and transformed into Daya Bee-Dee the drag queen. Her numbers are often based on concepts related to her arts and activist backgrounds, as she believes that the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible. Daya has made appearances performing across the country, and has organized her own shows as well, including drag show fundraisers for Take Back The Night Ann Arbor.
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Drag 1
Drag 2
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Fine Art by Ariel

Ariel Friedlander has attended Cab Calloway School of the Arts and Stamps School of Art & Design at University of Michigan. Her work includes illustration, watercolor, ceramics, printmaking, and drawing.
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Ariel With Camera


Friedlander’s photography can be described as
queer as f*ck! She mainly enjoys portraiture, as seen in
her “Queer As In” series, but can also be found photographing
protests such as Never Again Actions’ Boston demonstration in 2019.

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